Christopher Jordan, is an Austin, TX based multi-instrumentalist and composer, whose soothing and calming music is designed to help listeners relax. His meditation albums feature a variety of instruments, and technology including piano, guitar, and synthesizers, brainwave patterns, biological and cosmic frequencies, and binaural beats. Each track is designed to be used as a tool for meditation, and to help listeners reach deeper levels of relaxation and self-exploration.

Christopher has been creating music and soundscapes for over 20 years and his unique compositions have been used as background music for meditation albums, corporate events, as well as a unique series of meditation videos. His compositions range from meditation and frequency therapy to avant-garde, and even electronic/lo-fi in his incarnation as the artist No Disassamble.

The Music of Christopher Jordan is available now on all major streaming platforms.

For more information, interviews, or appearances please contact Christopher through LITM Media!



Experiencer by Christopher Jordan artwork