About Christopher Jordan

Hello friends of music everywhere. For years Christopher Jordan; audio engineer, musician, artist and designer has been part of many projects.  From live music production and promotion to performance and recording and now the world of podcasts. Christopher began composing, engineering and recording his unique brand of experimental electronic music almost 20 years ago and since has done everything from spoken word soundscapes and thematic albums to works incorporating rare frequencies from within the solar system and even brainwave frequencies. Christopher was a regular guest on the Avante-Garde Show hosted by Scott Sommers on Houston’s 90.1fm KPFT every 4th Sunday of each month for 5 years where he always provided a consistent body of work. Since the early days Christopher has maintained his use of analogue equipment, preferring their warm sound and maintains a studio where most of his tracks are composed, though things are much better technologically these days than in the beginnings…one thing remains…analogue rules the day! So much so that Christopher now builds many of the synthesizers and noise devices he uses as well as modifies his own pedal and equipment through his business Austin Hot Mods. Christopher now spends his time composing his unique brand of instrumental music in the realm of the experimental and avante-garde as himself, while also recording as the artist No Disassemble where his music takes on a much more ambient beat. In addition to this Christopher is a moving force the the act Shakuhachi Jones coming his unique brand of electronic music and engineering with the incredible shakuhachi and musical skills of his friend Wesley Goins creating a musical pairing that is out of this world. Included in this website are many works from though out the years, albums and tracks from twenty years ago, many new compositions as well as poetry, video, photography the podcasts I host and more. So thanks for stopping by, take some time to browse the sight, listen to some music, read some poetry, listen to a podcast…but most of all relax and enjoy.


Christopher Jordan

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