About Christopher

Christopher Jordan composes instrumental music incorporating everything from frequencies from within the solar system, to binaural beats, and even brainwave frequencies. His soothing and calming music is designed to help listeners relax and each track is designed to be used as a tool for meditation, and to help listeners reach deeper levels of relaxation and self-exploration.

Creating music and soundscapes, Christopher’s unique compositions have been used as background music for meditation albums, corporate events, as well as a unique series of meditation videos. With his compositions ranging from meditation and frequency therapy to avant-garde, and even electronic/lo-fi in his incarnation as the artist No Disassamble.

Christopher is the host of the Curious Realm, a podcast that explores interesting and unusual topics related to science, technology, history and culture. Christopher creates informative and entertaining episodes that delve into various topics such as ancient civilizations, conspiracy theories, and futuristic technologies, interviewing experts, and exploring these topics in greater depth. Known for his engaging presentation style, making complex topics accessible to a wide and ranging audience. He also hosts the Talking Sound podcast, providing coverage of the best of analog and digital technologies in the field of audio and video production as well as application of these technologies in the field and the studio. Christopher is also the founder and head of the HC Universal Network, a network providing distribution for podcasts of varying genres.

A live audio/video engineer for over 20 years, Christopher is the owner of HC Productions in Austin, TX providing audio/video technicians for corporate events as well as audio/video editing and custom content creation.

 ~Christopher Jordan~

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